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– We are Wild Outline –

Wild Outline has been created for people who want to look radiantly confident and become unmissable, whilst also balancing this with a mindful and conscious lifestyle. In short, Wild Outline empowers people who want to shine and who are full of love for everything living.

A Wild Outline item is a guaranteed attention grabber. It is beautifully made with obsessive attention to detail, and using the best quality materials tested through trial and error. All our jewelry is 100% handmade and produced in the USA. Jewelry is our top product, but also our t-shirts, art prints and other printed goods are produced in the USA.

Wild Outline necklaces and earrings are collectible items, unknown to most and unavailable to the masses. This is the undeniable value of Wild Outline.

Stop making big companies even richer by throwing your money at their mass produced merchandise, stop wading through the jungle of junk on Etsy looking for the perfectly made gift with that certain “je ne sais quoi”. You have already found it.

With Wild Outline jewelry, all you need is to wear it and start turning heads!

We know you are wild.

Express it!

We are FOR:









boring & predictable

the patriarchy & exploitation of animals


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