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“My #1 tip on
how to cope with
work related stress”

Presented by Cameron,
the cool Capybara

“My secret sauce
to a calm and
balanced mind”

Presented by Munro,
the gentle Manatee

“How to become
and unbreakable”

Presented by Leslie
the Snow Leopard


7+1 secrets
to a blissful life

in our funny yet insightful video series!



Episode 4: Wallis the Whale  

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– Blissful Life: All episodes – 

Episode 1: My #1 tip on how to cope with work related stress – Presented by Cameron, the cool Capybara

Feeling stressed out? Unhappy at work? Ringing phones and endless emails making your head spin like a rogue wheel of (mis)fortune? Then follow this simple tip to infuse your life with zen, in capybara style

Episode 2: How to expel boredom from your life – Presented by Perry, the fun-loving Pallas Cat

Does your life feel uneventful? Meaningless? Do you feel trapped in a time warp like Bill Murray in ‘Groundhog Day’? If that is the case, Perry the Pallas Cat has a simple remedy that will work every time!

Episode 3: My secret sauce to a calm and balanced mind – Presented by Munro, the gentle Manatee

Does it feel like you’re a little ball in a pinball machine, just bouncing uncontrollably from one impulse to the next? Ever feel the need to just slow down and breathe? Munro the Manatee is here to share his tip on how to balance the outer world with your own inner world and how to enrich your thoughts.


Episode 4: Wallis the Whale  (July 3, 2017)

– Meet the Maker –

My name is Petra.

I’m a lifelong artist, designer & nature lover. A strong believer in equality and compassion, my biggest goal in this lifetime is to make the world a better place. 

With my animal-themed designs I want to bring awareness to the many dangers that face our blue planet today. And of course, create gorgeous designs that lift spirits, boost confidence and draw smiles on everyone’s face!