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– Our philosophy –

Creating change through positive energy,
awareness and kindness.

Our ultimate goal is to empower us all – women, men, and non-binary people – to fully embrace who we are, and to find optimism and joy in life instead of succumbing to the energy-sucking thought patterns that put us down and make us miserable. 

By beginning to love ourselves more, we have so much more love to give to other people and ultimately all beings in this world. We want to help create that space and that opportunity.



We are believers in diversity and individuality, and the importance of giving a voice to those who are not heard or seen enough in our society:

the non-white,
the disabled,
the queer,
the gender nonconforming,
the immigrants,
the indigenous people,
the sick,
the outcasts,

and in a whole group for themselves:
the animals of our planet.



Even though we realize we don’t have a magic wand and are only a small handmade jewelry company, we think every small grassroots action can and will help contribute to a world of kindness and respect for everybody.


We try to raise ecological awareness with our nature inspired designs by sharing information and knowledge about different animals (and you can share the knowledge further when someone asks you about your jewelry!).

We believe that anyone can find a positive and gentle state of mind, and with that bring happiness not only to themselves but to everyone around them. And if people were happier about themselves, they would be kinder to each other.

On our social platforms we want to create communities where everybody can share their stories and make their voices heard, and feel appreciated and loved.


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