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munro the manatee

– Handmade in the USA –

Munro is never in a hurry. Munro enjoys a hot cup of tea (Munro’s favorite tea is chai), indulging in philosophical books and reflecting on the mysteries of life. Munro likes to calmly observe the world and learn from all its inhabitants. Munro’s presence is so calming!

The Manatee design has been created to inspire you to carve out moments of stillness every day and cultivate your mind by reading some philosophical texts or just a good novel. Add to that a steaming cup of your favorite tea, and voilà! Instant relaxation.


munro the manatee
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Wild Outline creates confidence-boosting, quirky and unique jewelry that inspires people to fill their hearts with compassion, kindness and self love… With the help of cute animals 





Did you know that manatees are NOT fat? 

Manatees are big, aquatic mammals known for their ultra cute and gentle appearance. They are gentle in real life, too, being herbivores (sea cows) without any natural enemies. Manatees are very sensitive to cold and cannot survive in water temperatures below 66°F (19°C). People mistakenly think that they must have a lot of blubber because of their body shape, but that gut is just intestines and muscle! Manatees actually have very little body fat and this is the reason they need to stay in warm waters.


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Manatee photos on this page: top photo and banner photo by Jim Reid / USFWS, distributed under a CC BY 2.0 license. Square photo by USFWS/Southeast, distributed under a CC BY 2.0 license.