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perry the pallas’ cat

– Handmade in the USA –

Perry the Pallas’ Cat is a high-energy feline! I’m pretty sure Perry is planning surprise parties all day long. Be prepared to hear ”SURPRISE!” and see this fella jump out from behind the couch when you least expect it.

The Pallas’ Cat design has been created to influence you to spontaneous acts that make you happy! Once in a while it’s good to trash those rigid routines and throw a good-old party, or perhaps come up with ideas for a funny, innocent prank (no mean pranks please)!


perry the pallas’ cat
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Wild Outline creates confidence-boosting, quirky and unique jewelry that inspires people to fill their hearts with compassion, kindness and self love… With the help of cute animals 





These fluffy wild kitties are the stars of YouTube videos and funny memes.

At first glance, pallas’ cats might look like fat felines, but their coat is protection against the harsh climate of central Asia. Their stocky build and dense fur creates the impression that they are big, but they are actually the size of a house cat. Pallas’ cats also have curious pupils – unlike other cats, the pupils of Pallas’ cats contract into small circles, not the more commonly cat-associated vertical slits. But most importantly, they have the most expressive face ever seen on a kitty! Don’t you agree?


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Pallas’ Cat photos on this page: top photo and banner photo by Richard Gillin of Flickr, distributed under a CC BY-SA 2.0 license.  Square photo by Tambako the Jaguar of Flickr, distributed under a CC BY-ND 2.0 license.