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– Handmade in the USA –

Besides being a famous Whale Pop Star, Wallis is also a world traveler. Wallis spends summers feeding in polar regions, and when winter comes along, Wallis makes a long trip to the Equator. 

Our Whale design has been created to induce a feeling of comfort, direction and focus.

Blue has a calming effect on the mind, and the soft shapes in the background of the design are like gentle waves carrying you over all hardships. Let the determined and impregnable Wallis the Whale guide and protect you, and of course deliver a dose of cute to everyone who sees you!

Wallis the Whale
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Wild Outline creates confidence-boosting, quirky and unique jewelry that inspires people to fill their hearts with compassion, kindness and self love… With the help of cute animals 





Did you know that whales have their own songs that spread around the world just like like hit singles?

Yep! Male humpback whales ‘change their tune’ every year during their migration across the Pacific. Then, the songs spread across the populations and the seas. It can be compared to how humans follow fashion trends – someone starts a trend and soon everyone starts wearing the same thing. Pretty cool, right?


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