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Who we are


I’m Petra Boije, lifelong artist, designer & nature lover.
I am the founder of Wild Outline, and I create state-of-the-art
collectible jewelry for bold and brave people.

I have been drawing since I was able to hold a pen. A strong believer in equality and human rights, my biggest goal in this lifetime is to make the world a better place. I’m a feminist, an activist for human and animal rights, a cat mom and a fruitaholic. I am originally from Finland, now living and working in Florida, USA.

I also believe people deserve better handmade jewelry. That is why I have spent the last six years developing a unique formula for my jewelry making, striving to make them long-lasting, superior quality and impeccably unique. With my animal-themed designs I want to bring awareness to the many dangers that face our blue planet today.

My professional background is in graphic design. I’m a Bachelor of Arts and my work experience is mainly in brand management, illustration and visual journalism. I’ve been working with the biggest media company in Scandinavia and with small non-profits. I also provide branding, graphic design & web design services under Pop Zebra – Brands that POP!




3 Funny Facts
about me

Funny fact #1

When I was around 9, I learned all the dog breeds and their characteristics by heart and started drawing and writing my own dog breed catalogue by hand. Sadly, as I was more of a starter than a finisher, I only finished the pages about the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, the Afghan Hound and the Basenji.


Funny Fact #2

I am good at drawing, but when it comes to music I have not been blessed. Although I enjoy singing karaoke now and then (especially Bohemian Rhapsody), it doesn’t mean I actually know how to sing. Anyone who has ever heard me singing (my deepest condolences…) can testify that there might be a lot of passion, but very little talent!



Funny Fact #3

I love plushies. I have several plushies and they all have names, personalities and backgrounds. I always take a plushie with me when I travel. One of them even has his own Instagram page! You can check out the adventures of Hamilton, the opera-singing manatee here.

Petra’s favorite things